Friday, February 16, 2007

Keep an Open Mind Or Else

If you haven't already discovered the blog Side Room 7" Singles I suggest you head on over (there a link to your right). It's done by an Australian fellow who seemed to have hung out a lot in Waterfront's Sydney record shop. He's got a side room with a huge pile of seven-inches apparently, and the concept is he takes ten of 'em at a time and makes a podcast of them once a week. He's already got to #25, so if you don't hurry it will take you a while to catch up! One of his pals also had a blog called Poppen-Em that I had a link to for a while. It doesn't seem like there's much happening over there now, but head on over and check out the stuff he did put up. There are lots of great songs on both blogs, and the Sideroom guy also has a another blog called Humans Beware. There he's got podcasts of non-7" stuff and lots of Swedish pop (there's everything from Panda Bear to Tillmanns!).


Oscar Salguero said...

I know my friend, yours and the sideroom blog are my daily pop purveyors. If i hadn't discovered both blogs i would not be so involved in POP! right now. I really appreciate your and his contributions to music. Keep it up my friend, you are a hero!

The Rain Fell Down said...

i don't know about that... but thanks anyway. it's nice to say that what i was hoping for when i started this is happening, i.e. that at least someone would hear some new music they didn't know about - and like it! spread the love - and the pop.


sideroom said...

wow...thanks for the mention...the funny thing is your blog is happens to be one of my top 3 "check every day and love everything I see" blogs !!