Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Kelly Affair vs The Carrie Nation

Oh, I forgot to tell you about Central City Soul. Well, there's not really much to say. If you want to see what an empty Woodside looks like look above, or go to their next night on March 31st. No, that's not fair... But it WAS completely empty when I got there a bit after 11 pm last Friday. I don't know if it's an old club or new, but at least it wasn't listed in The List - a safe way to make sure no turns up. It seemed like only their friends were there and maybe five or six other people including me. There wasn't really any dancing to talk about, but I enjoyed it anyway. It was good to just have a beer and sit down and listen to the music. Because the music was fabulous! After all it came from the collections of four different northern soul djs. I've never heard so many great songs at a northern club before!
And I've managed to see both The Valley of the Dolls and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, also thanks to the TFTS dvd collection! I saw Beyond the Valley of the Dolls first, which might have been a mistake because I expected the first one to be mad too. But I knew they had nothing to do with each other, so that's why I didn't care. Beyond... is a film by the notorious Russ Meyers from 1970. It seems to be set a few years earlier though and follows the story of an all-girl three-piece called The Kelly Affair and their manager (and lead singer's boyfriend). They're later renamed The Carrie Nation and goes on to nation-wide fame in the hands of a new manager that sort of 'hijacks' the band. It's about as close to an epitome of kitsch you can get, and it's very American. Also famous for showing Strawberry Alarm Clock performing at a house party!
The Valley of the Dolls is a much more restrained and traditional film by British director Mark Robson from 1967 (I mentioned it earlier because it was screened at the Divine! club). It's about a woman called Anne Welles who leaves New England for New York. It is similar to the other film in that is circles about the fates of a few people and their trouble with showbiz, fame and drugs. But I think I liked this one best.

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