Monday, February 12, 2007


So this is indiepop at its noisiest! Make a Racket is the name of the show and it's packed with songs, as most of them are pretty short. The late start is still not fixed, but Subcity say they're working on it. Until then you'll have listen here to hear the first part of the show... Practise your back-hand to these tunes:

The Fire Engines – Hungry Beat
The Big Gun – Heard About Love
The Crabapples – London Belongs to Me (Pt. 2)
Black Tambourine – We Can't Be Friends
Bella Vista – Run and Hide
G.O.O.F. – Just Friends
The Haywains – Surfin' In My Sleep
The Groove Farm – Surfin’ Into Your Heart
The Hoodwinks – Josephine
Robby Lawson – Burning Sensation
Mickey & the Milkshakes – Please Don't Tell My Baby
Fun Patrol – No Concern of Mine

The Bedtime Stories – Cinderella's Boots
Second-Hand Furniture – This Town Is Killing Me
Go Sailor – Blue Sky
The Darling Buds – Burst
The Rosehips – Shouldn't Have to Say
Snowbirds – Day After Day
The Church Grims – Seen It All
The Faintest Ideas – Mountain of Tics
The Scars – Adult/ery
The Syndicats – Crawdaddy Simone

Make a Racket


ally said...

ah, that scars track is magnificent - it's still a favourite after however many years - that guitar is just vicious...

Anonymous said...

I really miss the old format :-)

Separated tracks into one zip file...I'm able to listen to the music on my car & hi-fi stereo...
It's not that I don't like listening to your voice but its hard to fast/rewind to the next/previous song...

Anyway, there's a lot of good songs on the previous podcast
that I would like to hear over and over....

I hope you would consider putting the show (1 zip file with talking) and another with separate tracks...

Just my 2 cents... thanks for putting all these rare materials...
and sharing them with us in your own way...

I wish I have a lot $$ to buy my own records...

The Rain Fell Down said...

well, first of all it's a radioshow and you're supposed to listen to it like you listen to the radio otherwise. you're not supposed to skip to the next song!

after all I have accomodated the request to let you download the file. which means you CAN listen to it on your stereo.

i agree that most of the songs are hard to find and expensive, but some are from records i would rather have you buy. like the butcher boy record e.g. so i couldn't put up all the songs anyway.

and if i did there would be no point with the DROPs right? also i could post a bunch of obscure records as a DROP. but that would make it much less exclusive. as it is now, i only choose songs that mean a lot to me. and i put a lot of thought into it.

hope that's enough of an explanation!


The Rain Fell Down said...

oh, i forgot to say this:

if there are any particular songs that you want, well, you could always ask politely and maybe i could send them to you! it's not harder than that really...

martin said...

i like radioshow format more, because mp3s make me lazy :)

Anonymous said...

i like the old format.......

The Rain Fell Down said...

well, if you keep your fingers crossed, there's always a chance that the radiostation will kick me out! that would be something, wouldn't it ;)