Friday, February 09, 2007

Or Isn't That What You Want to Hear?

Look Back In Anger is not only a song by the TVPs, it is also a play by John Osborne. But you already knew that. He was one of the Angry Young Men of 50's Britain. Anyway, I saw a production of the play at G12 recently. It was put on by a quite new company, which was great because the cast was actually the right age (mid twenties). It is a very affecting play and the acting was great. It was in the small performance studio so you could the the whole first row jumping back whenever the main character shouted in their direction. The most surprising insight was how mean and misogynist the intellectuals of the 50's probably were. The main character was NOT a very sympathetic young man.

On the film front I recently saw Une femme est une femme by Godard (1961), and I enjoyed it immensely. It's really funny you know. Thanks to the Film & TV Department I also got to see one of Michelangelo Antonioni's older Italian films. This one was called La Notte (also from 1961) was a sort of post neo-realist work starring Jeanne Moreau and Marcello Mastroianni. That's not her in the picture though, but it is a still from that film. Like Look Back In Anger and Une femme est une femme it's about the problems of a heterosexual couple and the near breakdown of their relationship. Not very cheerful, that is. Quite similar to Blow-Up in it's virtual lack of plot, so if you liked that one I can recommend La Notte too.

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I was in that production of Look Back in Anger that you mentioned. Glad you thought the acting was up to scratch!