Friday, February 09, 2007

How Would You Like Your Band, Sir?

"Medium cool, please." Medium cool is a perfect description of what indie has come to mean. There's a quote by Steven Wells from NME on a Love Parade flexi that reads "I can honestly say I've never even heard of The Love Parade". That's hilarious! I doubt they've heard of The Hermit Crabs either. Who cares? Here's a conversation I overheard:

- So there's a new band on Matinée huh?
- Aye, they're called The Hermit Crabs... but they're actually quite a friendly bunch.
- Are they any good?
- Do you have to ask? It's Matinée man...
- Have they been in the NME?
- No, they play guitars and sing songs about you and me... They're not That Kind of Band.
- Do they use pedals?
- No. But they might in the future, if they can find instructions on how to use them on the web.
- So they're not 'cool' then?
- Medium cool. They're more, like... important. The good thing about having a Matinée band in your city is that you can actually see them live every other month. I did. At Brel yesterday. They were really good, had a full band and all. You should see them too, I think they're playing at the RAFA club in April.

I couldn't agree more.

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