Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just Fine

The café gig went just fine, too. The club was called Bara Fint and it was an afternoon gig. G.O.O.F. supported us and Henrik helped him out by playing some drums and keyboard. He turned in a short set that was brilliant as usual. He played one new song that I hadn't heard and covers of Cat's Miaow's "Third Floor Fire Escape View" and Don Lennon's "He Created a Monster". He also played a Budgies song, with Kajsa singing of course. You're not allowed to take pictures at Glassfabriken, so you'll have to make do with this pic of a gig poster! We played the same set as in Lund, but with "Holding Hands" thrown in too. We couldn't have played that at the noisy Indigo club, but it fitted in perfectly there. It was a bit nervous, with parents attending and all, but I think we pulled it off without too many mistakes.

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rebecca said...

chris = cute! your mom was cute too. and so was mine! giving me the bouquet on stage with tears in her eyes.. i'm sooo looking forward to our u.k. mini-tour! it's gonna be fab.