Monday, February 05, 2007


It is a sad fact that there is something wrong with the 'listen again' recordings at - they seem to start at about 5.10 pm instead of 2.57 pm. This means that the first two and a half songs of this programme are not in the file below. To hear the beginning you will have to use this link to stream the previous show (called Diversion) and skip about 50 minutes into it. Similarly, if you want to hear the beginning of What Popstars Have For Tea, here's a link for you. Hopefully something will be done to fix this soon! Now, All About Strength is about a fine old label called Medium Cool, run by Andy Wake. But as you can see in the playlist there are also plenty of other bands in there. If you check back in the near future there will also be some Medium Cool DROPs here on the blog for you (anything to annoy Cherry Red!). Thanks to Andy for providing most of the material.

The Waltones – Special 20
The Corn Dollies – Forever Steven
East Village – Back Between Places

The Sinners – Barbed Wire Heart
The Enormous Room – I Don’t Need You
Johnny Johnson – What Went Wrong This Time?
The Popguns – All About Him (demo)

The Go-Betweens – A Bad Debt Follows You
Hurrah! – Who’d Have Thought
The Rain – These Feelings Will Pass
The Vipers – Cheated and Lied

Dee Irwin – I Only Get This Feeling
The Long Ryders – And She Rides
The Summer Suns – All Away
The Raw Herbs – Hopelessly

The Honeydrips – I Wouldn’t Know What to Do
Sister Rain – Burt Reynolds

Oh, and the extra one at the end (that IS included in the file) is "Kymri" by The Apple Moths.

All About Strength


ally said...

the raw herbs were always my favourite group and live were especially marvelous - i think it was how a really diverse bunch came together to make such an awesome sound.
i'm trying to cobble together a piece for dustysevens about brian - is it coincidence that he appears in those other still get played in my house even after all this time beauties the june brides ?... was it him who made them both so particularly wonderful ? ... it's my theory and i'm sticking to it ...
thanks for another great collection x

brogues said...

That Medium Cool site is ace!

David K said...

. . .my oh my, a site with a Jesse Garon and The Desperadoes title/lyric to start off with ! I loved that band, and last saw them in 1989 (?) at the Avalanche Records Christmas Party in Edinburgh. I think it must have been at The Venue. Happy days . . .

. . .you probably haven't heard of our newish Swedish indiepop/C86 Popklubb, but have a look. I played 'The Adam Faith Experience' last time around, and I'm still deliberating over a tune for next week, though it will surely be 'You'll Never Be That Young Again'. . . .



David K said...

. . .sorry, that's Please add us as a link ! . . .



Anonymous said...

hope to see each song mp3.....instead of whole album mp3.....