Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I just watched Cathy Come Home at the Film Department's Resources Room, partly because I'm doing an essay on it. Though I admit I was first attracted to it because of this song by The Twilights from a 1967 single (it's on Nuggets II, so you might already have it). The film itself is a very very good docudrama (not to with confused with dramadoc, I've learned) from the 60's. It was directed by Ken Loach, before he started making films for cinema (he's credited as Kenneth Loach - that's how old it is!) and was shown on BBC in 1966 on the regular Wednesday Play slot (later changed into Play For Today). It must have had a big impact on the whole TV audience, not just on The Twilights who were from Australia after all. (Apparently The Beatles' "She's Leaving Home", also from 1967, is 'Cathy-inflected' too.) It's a very sad tale about young Cathy who leaves her rural birthplace, hitchhikes to the City, gets married and has three children - during which time the family's circumstances get worse and worse. She eventually ends up homeless and the film was meant to alert public opinion to the vast housing problems in Britain at that time. It was hard to watch it all through to the end without crying. Cathy is just such a lovable character and she reminded my of someone I know. It's completely fictional but emulates a documentary style and has voice-overs from several people not in the film. I don't know if you can get it anywhere, but you really should watch it!


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isman said...

Hey Krister, I've just discovered The Rain Fell Down recently, am having lots of fun going through your archives. Hope to have you around for a long long time, keep in touch, and thank you very much for all those music :)

best wishes,
isman :)