Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm Only Dancing On the Roof-Tops

So, I got to see Sodastream after all! Apparently it was their fourth time here, I can't recall them ever playing in Sweden? Only two of them this time around however. They've got a new album out called Reservations and they played some stuff from that, but lots of old favourites too. Not "Messiah" though, from which I got the post title. They played at Bacchus Bar, a nice enough place I think. Everyone was there, including Stevie Jackson. That was probably because his friend Roy Moller was the support act (you know the guy he wrote "Roy Walker" about). And also the guy who released a single on Félicité Singles Club a few years ago, called "Maximum Smile". He played that one yesterday and a bunch of songs from his new and first album Speak When I'm Spoken to.

There are a few other good shows coming up. I might skip Now It's Overhead on Thurday, but next week there's a thingy at ABC featuring Vashti Bunyan, Juana Molina and Adem. And on the Friday the wonderful The Boy Least Likely To play Oran Mor.

If you still haven't checked the results of the TweeNet 2006 poll, do so here and here. It's always fun to see who vote for their own bands/labels/sites etc. I'm happy to see A Smile and a Ribbon at a shared seventh in 'best new band' and to see The Rain Fell Down among 'mailing lists/newsgroups/blogs'. Thanks! You can catch A Smile and a Ribbon live if you happen to be in Sweden when we play Malmo (Feb 25th) and Lund (Feb 23rd). The latter date is shared with other new Shelflife signings Days. We might make it over here too sometime this Spring, if I can find somewhere for us to play!

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