Saturday, January 20, 2007

I'm Happy Because I'm Stupid

I went to see The Boy Least Likely To at the Oran Mor yesterday, American The Little Ones were supporting. To my surprise there was a second support act, I found out when I got there. Not to my surprise though, it was Swedish Loney, Dear. I don't like them very much but it was an ok show. The Little Ones seemed to have A LOT of fun playing, but the only thing I could think about during their set was that their singer was definitely guilty of the crime 'miss-use of Rickenbacker'. He had a Voxx amp too, but he just didn't have the tone knob turned up far enough. (He didn't use two amps either, needless to say.) He didn't play it very much and you could barely hear it anyway. He should have passed it on to their second guitarist! There were lots of kiddies at Oran Mor last night. The Boy Least Likely To singer seemed to be popular with the girls! The band had lots of cascading lights, balloons, party poppers and a bubble machine with them. All to make for the best party ever. I wish I could have gone to gigs like this when I was fourteen! Maybe it wasn't the best GIG ever, but it got really good towards the encore. I got to dance to "Be Gentle With Me" which they played as the last of their four-song encore. That's all I wanted, really! If you don't like "Faith" by George Michael, you can download the Boy Least Likely To version.

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