Friday, January 26, 2007


One of the main reasons I bought Accident's reissue of the Hoopla tape was to get my hands on that Reserve track. It's a fantastic, languid number and the best song on the LP together with The Siddeleys and North of Cornwallis tracks. Al who had the Sombrero label (Reserve, Siddeleys, Bob) has started a blog (see Dustysevens in the link box) which you should keep an eye on if you like these bands. Here's "Last Train" from the 1989 La-Di-Da compilation.



Gilberto said...

Hi, how can I buy Accident records releases? Thanks!

al said...

thanks ever so (again) for unearthing these treasures and sending them on their way, and the kind words. "the last train home" was definately one of torquils finest moments - i'll let him know it's here.
sombrero releases can now also be found on myspace -
i'll be adding photos and ramblings as i go, and changing the tracks regularly - feel free to add anything you find there here.
and drop me a line again with an address where i can send you some "well done" presents.


The Rain Fell Down said...

gilberto, the most likely place to find them is on eBay unfortunately. at least that's where i've found the two i own!