Wednesday, May 23, 2007


No more Snowdrops records, and no more Beaumont or Lovejoy records with Keith Girdlers sweet voice and heavenly guitar playing on them. Even for those of us who only knew Keith through his music, it is a terrible loss. This affected me as deeply as when I heard about Grant McLennans death last year. And I played a song by Lovejoy, on which he sang, on the radio only the day before yesterday! Unknowing that he had passed away. Naturally the next drop - let's make it a snowdrop - had to be a song by Blueboy, Keith's first band, and one of the very best indiepop bands ever. This song if from one of their singles for Sarah Records, called the Some Gorgeous Accident EP. I hope it will make you feel better.

Blueboy - Stephanie


alistair said...

i agree, it was such a shock to hear of Keith's passing. and yes, in all ways as upsetting as Grant's. I only met Keith a couple of times, but he always seemed infectiously positive and optimistic. I don't really know the post-Blueboy material he did, and really it's just the first two Blueboy albums and the Sarah singles that contain memories for me, but boy, what memories they are. And they continue to create memories even today. I played 'Popkiss' on repeat and the 'The Joy Of Living' a load as well. Ain't there one damn song that can make me break down and cry? Well, there's two. Today. For starters.

dani said...

"This is Beaumont" is one of my favourite records ever. And Blueboy was the best Sarah Group, he had a great sensibility

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that, although I have a soft spot for almost any Sarah records release, Blueboy were probably my favourite Sarah records band.

I remember hearing "popkiss" for the first time and being truly besotted.

Keith really had the voice of an angel.
My favourite Blueboy song is probably "Marble Arch" off their "unisex" album. Just listening to it now brings tears to my eyes.

The Beaumont stuff is pretty great too, especially the first album cause it still has Keith singing on some of the songs.

He will be greatly missed.

BArt (belgium)

jay_silverio said...

I am just curious and wondering about the photo who's intouch to this? Where it was taken? Thanks!