Monday, May 14, 2007


Arrrgh! We've been cut short again. There's no trusting the Subcity server. Well, all you've missed is the better part of "Bellshill's Son". But maybe the better part of of it IS what it's included in the file (cause the singer's stopped singing)? If you want to hear Off Key Singing you can always download the whole song from the Waaah site. Anyway, it's tweepop galore today, and the cover picture is of Claudia Cardinale and Luchino Visconti - perhaps the two biggest fans of tweepunk the world has known (who would have known?!). Claudia was also on the cover of James Dean Driving Experience's "Dean's Eleventh Dream", if you're lucky enough to own that (I'm not). If you're NOT lucky enough to have heard of Tales of Jenny, go download seven cracking songs here.

The Duglasettes – Bellshill’s Son
The Applicants – Crush
The Electric Pop Group – She’s Playing With Your Heart
The Garlands – You Never Notice Me
The Budgies – Friends In Literature (session)
Cub – A Picnic
Laura Watling – So Responsible

The Haywains – I Have Confidence
Bouquet – Do Re Mi
Roadside Poppies – Erosion
Happy Birthdays – Every Week
Funday Mornings – Killing Thomas
The Parcels – I Dream of Jean-Genet
Buster Jones – Baby Boy
Tales of Jenny – Reading Oscar Wilde In Public
Strawberry Story – For the Love of Billy
Fat Tulips – Treason
Talulah Gosh – I Told You So
The Candees – I Don’t Want to Be a Grown-Up
The Rosehips – Something Happened
Brighter – Half-Hearted

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Lätt den bästa sändningen! tweepunkdisco!