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Well, here I am, back from Sweden. No time to do the regular programme though. So here's a bunch of mp3s to entertain you throughout the week. There's lots of bands consisting of Ric Menck and Paul Chastain (and a few other guys). I also just found out that the last broadcast for my show will be on June the 4th. Then Subcity will be shutting down for the season, but as I've decided before I will continue doing one SPLASH a week for the rest of the time I'm here. The format might go back to the original one though, with just mp3s. The cover pic today is a still from Gregorys Girl, with Clare Grogan’s character reading A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The Springfields – Tranquil
A Clouds cover from Ric Menck's The Springfields. Paul was in the band too of course, but most of the songs – that were released on labels like Sarah and Bus Stop – were written and sung by Ric. This cover was originally released on the Summershine 7” Reach For the Stars in 1987.
Uni – You're So Much
I think this is the only song Brent Kenji released with this post-Skypark band. It was on the A Smile Took Over double-7” on MatinĂ©e, and like the rest of the songs on it it's a cover of a Sarah Records classic. The Sea Urchins recorded the original.
Aerospace – Better Days
The Swedish band of the week released their pop classic of a first album The Bright Idea Called Soul in 2001. Referencing bands like Belle & Sebastian, Skypark, The Fairways, and in this song, The Byrds, it was bound to be memorable!
The Byrds – She Don’t Care About Time (single version)
What a coincidence, here they are themselves, those giants of janglepop! This is the single version of the song from 1965's Turn! Turn! Turn!.
Danny Wagner – This Thing Called Love
The northern soul track of the week can be found on Wigan 30, celebrating thirty years of keeping the faith at Wigan Casino.
Francoise Hardy – Le temps de l'amour
Another 60's classic, but from France of course. Think it's from 1962 or 1963.
Bag-O-Shells – Back In Your Town
One of the best releases ever on Bus Stop was the Pocketbook 7” from Bag-O-Shells. Menck and Chastain again, but this time with Paul on vocals. I just love how the melody is subtly exposited in the intro, and then the jangle begins!
The Sunny Street – Rainy Hearts
One of the best albums this year is They Hurt You Everyday from the very French sounding couple that are The Sunny Street. This song was originally meant to be released on 7” by Andreas' And Then Suddenly!, but it never happened and it's now included on the album on Lavender.
Honeybunch – You're Killing Me
An old one from Honeybunch, who had connections to the Menck-Chastain collective of bands. Honestly, I couldn't find out where it's from! Does anyone have a clue?
The Nines – Too Late (to Change Your Mind)
Before Ric met Paul Chastain, Paul was in a band called The Nines. Their Like a Top EP from 1983 was recently shared to the public by Fire Escape Talking.
Paul Chastain – Am I Right
After that he released the Halo EP under his own name. Nick Rudd plays guitar on this record that came out in 1984.
The Castaway Stones – Eight Days
The Castaway Stones' album Make Love to You is one of Shelflife's proudest moments. Pam Berry was in this band before she moved to London. This is a b-side to the Leave No Stone Unturned 7” that preceded the album and that, in contrast to album, can still be had for a handful of dollars.
The Reverbs – Nevermore
This is the pre-Choo Choo Train project of Ric Menck. He played drums in The Reverbs before teaming up with Paul Chastain, and he released an lp called The Happy Forest in 1984.
The Big Maybe – Some Things Never Change
This was just a one off Ric and Paul did with Nick Rudd, before the two of them settled for the Choo Choo Train moniker. It's from 1987 and came out on their own Picture Book label.
The Choo Choo Train – Flower Field
From the legendary second 12” on Subway Organisation The Briar Rose EP from 1988. A truly collaborative effort from Paul and Ric that was the early stage of The Velvet Crush in many ways. As in that band, Paul is on vocal duties.
The Velvet Crush – One Thing 2 Believe
The first single by The Velvet Crush came out on Bus Stop, naturally. It's from 1990, then they were signed by Creation, and the rest is pop history.
The Wind – You Changed
This is the band Lane Steinberg was in before Tan Sleeve (another Bus Stop band) and Wall of Orchids. It's from 1982 and the classic album Where It's At With the Wind.
The Autumn Leaves – Ballad of Plum Tucker
This Byrdsian Minneapolis band released their first album on the great but forgotten Grimsey label in 1997. Treats and Treasures was then followed by The Twilight Hours of the Autumn Leaves in 2002.
The Nashville Ramblers – The Trains

Probably THE lost pearl on Children of Nuggets. This stormer is presumably from 1983, but sounds as genuine as anything from the 60's. The Nashville Ramblers was only a loose constellation of San Diego garage scenesters and the song was not released until the Bomp Records comp The Roots of Powerpop! came out in 1986.

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Hooray! As much as I like your regular show I must confess my love for single mp3s. Either tway, great show, like always.

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any chance you can repost that bag o shells track?

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the complete rar-file (with all mp3s) is still downloadable via the link!



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Coul you re-up this file,agsin?
I'm a big fan of Paul and Rick.