Monday, May 21, 2007


Whatever happened to Matinée's proposed singles club? I couldn't wait so I made a Matineé themed radio programme instead. The bulk of it of it is from 1997-2002 and I've tried to cover most of the bands and releases that haven't been played on the show before. If you haven't bought their latest single yet, the Hermit Crabs one, you know you ought to! That's Anna Karina in the picture, in case you hadn't noticed. I wonder if anyone has placed a bet on whether or not they'll reach one hundred? (You have to go to the end of this, to hear the first two songs, then there's apparently a gap until the file here starts, so I've uploaded the missing tracks here. It's not my fault, at least.)

Sweet William – A Map of the World (matinée 001)
Ego – Do You Want to Be My Love 'till 1998? (matinée 002)
Bella Vista – Nothing New (matinée 003)
Sportique – Obsessive (matinée 007)
The Lucksmiths – Paper Planes (matinée 008)
The Fairways – Darling, Don't You Think? (matinée 009)
Harper Lee – No Happy Ending (matinée 014)
Remember Fun – Car (matinée 015)
Melodie Group – Goodbye (matinée 020)
Slipslide – Firefly (matinée 023)
Lovejoy – Hug Me Honey (matinée 028)
Pipas – Troublesome (matinée 035)
The Windmills – Walking Around the World (matinée 038)
The Liberty Ship – Don't React (matinée 040)
Kosmonaut – Desert Song (matinée 041)
Razorcuts – Sometimes I Worry About You (matinée 047)
The Guild League – Between Delta and Delaware (matinée 050)
Math & Physics Club – When We Get Famous (matinée 056)


As I said on the show the Lovejoy track is very special because Keith Girdler sings on it. Unwittingly, it has also turned out to be special because of the terribly sad fact that Keith died six days before the programme was broadcast. I just recieved an email from Richard Preece of Lovejoy that says:

"It is with immense sadness that I write to inform you that my dearest friend Keith Girdler died on May 15th 2007. Keith passed away peacefully after a recent deterioration in his condition - he was diagnosed with cancer in July 2004. Keith was a truly special person and I know that many people will hold very fond memories of their time spent in his company. Keith is survived by his partner, his siblings and their families. We are all devastated at the tragic loss of Keith and we will miss him enormously."

"Keith wanted to be remembered, to use his own words, with 'happiness and smiles' - which for those of us fortunate enough to have known him, will come all too easily despite our grief."

So let this song be a tribute to Keith Girdler, and let's hope it will make many pop fans smile in the future!


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