Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I haven't seen any signs of politcal agitation today, although it's May 1st. But maybe it's not like in Sweden where lots of people actually go out and demonstrate? Anyway, here's a nice song by The Rain that was never released. It was meant be an a-side for Medium Cool but did not become available to the public until the self-released compilation To the Citadel came out in 1989 (as Stephen was kind enough to inform me about). I don't know many indiepop songs (in fact none that I can think of right now) about working class issues, but this one is great. Indiepages had a 'rain' theme on their sounds page before, maybe it's still there, where there was fittingly a song by The Rain, called "Dry the Rain". Have a look. I think they were the best band on Medium Cool (The Siddeleys aside), so it might be worth it!



stephen said...

My favourite song for today. It was released, I've got it on an LP by
them. Can't remember title of LP , maybe had 'citadel' in the title? I'm sure this was first song on side one. I used to always try to play it on the first of May and was incredibly gutted if I forgot. My lp is somewhere at the back of the garage . Will check it out sometime and get back to you. I had been thinking about it today at work so your a star for putting it up .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering The Rain and fingers crossed you'll be able to hear a lot more from them and other Medium Cool groups on the proposed 2 CD retrospective later this year.

In the meantime, I thought I'd let people know the Medium Cool Jukebox is now plugged in and along with the permanent selections I will be adding occasional extras from demos through to entire live shows from the time.


To celebrate the release of The Waltones compilation on Cherry Red
you can currently hear a four track Piccadilly radio session from 1986 which predates their vinyl output -just click Spell It out. More details on this at –


the waltones said...

Hopefully by selling plenty of The Waltones CD we'll build up interest in the whole Medium Cool back catalogue.

p.s. I was on strike on 1st may along with thousands of other public servants, a fact that passed much of the media by unfortunately - www.pcs.org.uk