Monday, April 30, 2007


"All I ever wanted was a happy happy heart, and your cutesy hand in my hand." That's the chorus of Horowitz's stunning new b-side "Popkids of the World Unite". Buy that Cloudberry 3" now! It's a springtime indiepop mix today, with some old gems from Bubblegum Splash!, Bomb Pops and Another Sunny Day plus brand new sounds from All My Friends, The Relationships (even un-released in their case) and Esiotrot. All interspersed with some pearls from the 60s. I cannot recommed the All My Friends album enough! It will definetly be one of the best ones this year. Next Monday I will be on my way back from Sweden, but there will be an mp3 version with lots of Menck & Chastain goodies!

Dot to Dot – Upside
Po! – Glamour
Bomb Pops – Girl Daredevil
The B-Lovers – Inside Out
The Aardvarks – You're My Loving Way
Rita & the Tiaras – Gone With the Wind Is My Love
The Squires – I Can't Do It
The Relationships – Clockwork Toy
The Reactions – Don't You Care
Sportique – If You Ever Change Your Mind
The Poets – She Blew a Good Thing
Zouzou – Il est parti comme il etait venu
All My Friends – People Like You
Ultrasport – Ballgames
Spinning Wheels – A Million Years
Esiotrot – The Dirtiest Birthday Present
Horowitz – Popkids of the World Unite
Bubblegum Splash! – If Only
Another Sunny Day – Horse Riding


Anonymous said...


I picked up one of your leaflets at the Pastels gig on Saturday.
I really like your show. I've been prancing around to it all evening.
Thanks for the entertainment.


The Rain Fell Down said...

thanks for listening! post about the pastels coming soon...

glad my little publicity scheme worked :)



Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the All My Friends album is very very special indeed. Keep up the good work sir.


p.s. Ric Menck is recording with Joe Pernice at this very moment, apparently...