Friday, April 06, 2007


I recently bought The Hit Parade's Japanese album Light Music. It was released in 1992 and has twelve glossy, wonderfully over-produced pop songs. I'm playing "Are You Scared to Get Happy" on the radio soon, and another song on the record with a referential POP! title is "So Said Kayo"! Anne Marie from The Field Mice actually sings backing vocals for one of the tracks. And of course Harvey Williams appears here and there. "On the Eve of Greatness" is the best song on the album and I think it might even be as good as "You Didn't Love Me Then" - one of their early singles. If you haven't bought last year's The Return of the Hit Parade by now, I definitely think you should. Especially if you like this one!


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Anonymous said...

I was just typing in the Hit Parade on google and this popped up.

Its a good review and its nice to know theres more Hit Parade fans out there!!! Oh, and field mice fans :p. My rabbit is named Harvey after Harvey Williams and one of my favorite Hit Parade songs! I think me and Spench are at the top of their myspace friends list...oh the joys of that crappy website.

I dont have one of these nifty blogspot thingies but I do have a devious livejournal account.
only travel there if you dare!

Keep up the good work and all the great music reviews!