Thursday, April 05, 2007

On the First Bus Out of Town

Fittingly, the same week as the northern soul programme I went to the best northern club I've been to for ages. I'm talking about Central City Soul, which was co-visited by Brogues. I mean, it was great last time too, but there was no one there! I'll tell you soon as I find out the date for next month. I'd actually been to the Woody just the night before for some npl dancing, which I've missed out on the last few months. John's not going to do the Little League this summer, which is all the more reason to go see Butcher Boy at the RAFA club on Friday. It was a good night (Ken Chu was there, so how could it not?) and the best songs were "Ask Johnny Dee", "Simply Thrilled", "Sleep the Clock Around" and "Spring Rain". It ended badly though, as one of friends became victim of the first serious theft ever to happen at npl. Better hold on to your things next month!

My family's here on a visit this last week of the uni Easter Break and we went out to see Culzean castle and country park on Tuesday, which must have been one of the sunniest days in Scottish history! Just look at the sky. There were some caves among the cliffs below the castle, by the sea. I walked a ways towards them, but the tide was rising so I couldn't go all they way. It was beautiful though. I went to a fantastic gig at Brel the same day, but I'll tell you about it later cause I'm going to another one at the same place today (Monica Queen!).

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