Monday, April 09, 2007


The twentieth programme, hurray! This is one for the sleepyheads. Just don't fall asleep! The cover pic is taken by Partick Camera Club as usual, and the title is an old song by Felt, who feature in this programme with another track. Click the link in the playlist to visit The Dreamers' MySpace and listen to three more unreleased songs! They are the Swedish band of the week, though they're half English. The first one here, by Maurice Deebank from Felt, is cut short, but guess what... I played it again at the end after The Carousel!

Maurice Deebank – Golden Hills
The Clientele - (I Can't Seem) to Make You Mine
The Dreamers – So Near So Far
Lovejoy – Getting Away With It All
The Durutti Column – Francesca
Felt – Serpent Shade
Harvey Williams – Don’t Shout At Me
The Pines – Kisses and Fog
The Shapiros – Do You Know
The Autocollants – Another Thursday
The Softies – I Love You More
Louis Philippe – Man Down the Stairs
France Gall – J’entends cette musique
The Little Foxes – So Glad Your Love Don’t Change
The Cat’s Miaow – I Fall to Pieces
The Young Tradition – Everything We Knew
The Beau Brummels – You Tell Me Why
The Carousel – Evergreen

Something Sends Me to Sleep


Anders x2 said...

Hallå Krister!!! Dig har vi letat efter länge. Du har fått mail där vi skriver mer..

Anonymous said...

nice selection for a good night sleep..hope to hear more chris..this is a collection...cheers! - topei