Sunday, April 08, 2007


Halfway to 100, but I don't think I'm going to reach that... Anyway, here is a very special song to celebrate the occasion. I recently bought one of the best records ever - a 10" compilation of all the single sides cut by The Dovers in the 60s, released by Italian garage revellers Misty Lane in 2001. It simply escapes me how this record did not sell out instantly. I mean, it cost me 22€ but believe me that is next to nothing in this context. The record includes some of the most perfect pop songs of all time - like "What Am I Going to Do" from the Nuggets box and 100 seconds long "Your Love" that has more jangling Rickenbacker and melodies than all the Byrds and Beatles records together. Equally, it's got some of the most far-out psych pop in history - like the hypnotically plummeting "She's Not Just Anybody" and the song you can get here: the nothing less than mind-blowing "The Third Eye". It's a perfect example of an attempt by a pop group to write a psychedelic song, virtually all the garage bands of the 60s had at least one of them in their repertoire. Recommended volume for playback: Loud.


To encourage you to buy this record, here is a photo of the insert with a very insightful interview with the band.


brogues said...

Amen to everything you've said about the miraculous Dovers. They're easily one of the best bands I've been introduced to in years. Thanks for letting me hear the 10" -the greatest format ever!. Better scrape together the sheckels for my own copy! We should write to Rev-ola or Sundazed to see if they can't do it on cd :)

Anonymous said...

Whaaaaa???? But you HAVE to make it to 100...I just found your blog today and have been absolutely blown away by it. Fantastic. Utterly. Play on, Macduff. Please!