Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Slipslide are one of several longtime indiepop groups that are still active but find their work impeded by babysitting. Graeme Elston and his friends have been working on a second album ever since 2003's magnificent The World Can Wait. Only a few songs have appeared, like the recording of the old Love Parade tune "Life" that was on a Matinée comp. A while ago a new song was put up on their MySpace, and maybe you've already got it but I thought a few more people would notice it if I featured it here. It's a fantastic song, more acoustic than most of the first album, with an as-gorgeous-as-ever vocal from Graeme. They played together with The Orchids in London last month and Graeme says they're hoping to manage a few more live dates this year.


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David said...

hi... just thought you might like to know "you won't find it again" is a cover of an old go-betweens song from the 16 lovers lane sessions that never made it onto the album...