Monday, April 23, 2007

Cameras Never Lie

(Especially when they're not used.) Is it just me, or are Park Attack the hardest thing capture on film (or rather digital memory card) since Nessie? The first time I went to see them I forgot to take out my camera. This time I forgot to even take it with me! The gig was a lot better this time though. The small basement at Blackfriars really reverberated with their storm of noise. It was a goodbye gig for Lorna who's moving to Seattle indefinitely. It's not the end of the band though, we were promised. I'm not going to trust MySpace anymore though! It said 8 pm on their page, but when I got there at 9 the support band was still soundchecking. Park Attack didn't play until 11.30 I'm sure. They DID do an encore, after much discussion and someone in the audience chanting "MAKE SOMETHING UP, MAKE SOMETHING UP", which was really good - the encore I mean. Wasn't made up, but anyway.

So, no pictures - what to do? I knicked one off of MySpace just like the last time. This one is of the Tiny Little Hearts who supported them and which was the loudest thing I've seen for a while. And that's always good! It almost looks as if it could have been from Blackfriars, but it's not. Och well...

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