Sunday, April 08, 2007

I Know Who You Could Be

And I know what Butcher Boy could be, and certainly will become this year: the Best New Band From Scotland. They've already played in London and did a fund-raising gig at the RAFA on Good Friday, before heading out on their nation-wide tour next week. If you live in one of the towns they'll visit it is your duty as a pop fan to go and see them. Last night was fantastic, Garry said they've never been that good! They had their gear set up on the floor (only their drummer was on the stage), and it seemed much more intimate having them on eye-level height. They did a great version of "Almost Prayed" as well - The Weather Prophets cover Tom from Indie MP3 seemed to have appreciated at the London gig. There was no support act, but an old documentary (from 1963) about Glasgow called Glasgow Belongs to Me, which was quite funny. It was also John's birthday and we all got tea and hot cross-buns! There was dancing afterwards and towards the end they played Altered Images' "Happy Birthday" and gave John a cake.

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lostmusic said...

They're probably the best band from *anywhere* at this moment in time! Let alone Scotland. :-)