Monday, April 23, 2007


Enjoying the budding spring, are we? Well, you should also dig the classy cover picture above, which is essentially Cartoon For Gala (1974) by Bridget Riley. I have to admit I was tempted to write "thee fuzz" just to make it the same size, but that would've been over-doing it... This is one of the best programme's so far, I think, with many of my recent favourites. The first song is hardly present, so listen to it at the end of this. Also, the Red Button song didn't play properly, but if you hurry you might find something in the comments!

Richard & the Young Lions – Open Up Your Door
The Anyways – My Confession
The Rainyard – 1,000 Years
Pop Art Toasters – Go Ahead
The Dovers – People Ask Me Why
The Stepford Husbands – Seeing Is Believing
The Unclaimed – No Apology
The Mockingbirds – You Stole My Love
The Claim – Wait and See
The Red Button – It’s No Secret
Autohaze – Undecided
By Coastal CafĂ© – Death By Train
Marden Hill – Bacchus Is Back
The Crawdaddys – I Can Never Tell
Dean Parrish – I’m On My Way
The Point – All My Life
The Bluestars – Social End Product
The Spongetones – (My Girl) Maryanne
The Shadows of Knight – My Fire Department Needs a Fireman
The Cynics – Baby What’s Wrong

What All the Fuzz Is About


The Rain Fell Down said...

a one-week exclusive!



ally. said...

i'm on my way - what a corcker