Monday, April 16, 2007


There WILL be a post about the A Smile and a Ribbon gigs VERY soon, but first the new radio program. It's called Joy Will Find You Out after the brilliant June Brides song with the same name, and it's brimful of lovely happy music. But not entirely, as you might guess from the ambiguous cover pic. No Swedish track of the week today, there was supposed to be some Fibi Frap but I guess you'll just have to wait. There's a Norwegian track though... Contrary to what I said her first ep Qui a besoin d'une voiture? (which I guess means "Who Needs a Car") on Anorak HAS been followed by a full-lenght album. That's called Sometimes I Wonder If You Have a Heart and is on My Honey. By looking here, and here, it seems that all of the ep is on the album as well! The "listen again" files are now the right lenght so nothing's missing but the timing is still off. So use this link to hear the beginning (skip to the last ten minutes or so). Today's playlist:

The Sandkings – One of These Days
The Hit Parade – Are You Scared to Get Happy
Denim – Fish and Chips
David Westlake – Everlasting
Would-Be-Goods – Angel Square
The Orchids – I Need You to Believe In Me
The Chalk Giants – A Jump Eh?

Tesco Chainstore Mascara – Just the Weight You Are
Bye Bye Blackbirds – In Every Season
Boyracer – The Useless Romantic

The June Brides – Pound For Pound (live)
Esiotrot – Calypso

Soda Fountain Rag – Walking With My Angel
Lil’ Lavair & the Fabulous Jades – I'll Be So Happy

Bridewell Taxis – Just Good Friends
Metrotone – Kiss Me Awake

The Desert Wolves – Stopped In My Tracks

Joy Will Find You Out


Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
Thanks. Great selection of music. Can you post songs from The Sandkings - One Of These Days and The Rain - These Feelings Will Pass?

The Rain Fell Down said...

sure! what's your email?


Anonymous said... Thanks a lot.
Cheers! Mick