Thursday, April 19, 2007

They Were Like Children

I REALLY should tell you something about the gigs with A Smile and a Ribbon! The tour that included London and Glasgow went really well overall, although we did get a taste of the harsh reality of touring (including losing a set of flat keys and spending nine hours on a Megabus with a malfunctioning toilet). The London gig DID happen, after we found another key that could open my guitar case! The soundcheck was crap and I was still nervous about how I was going to get into my flat when me got to Glasgow. But the actual gig was good and there's not really much point in me going on about it, because you can read about it in the best piece of writing I've seen for ages, right here. Helen McCookerybook used to be in our heroes The Chefs and seemed to have had a good time! As did Bid from Scarlet's Well and Kevin from The Dreamers. And Tom and Trev from Indie MP3 and Lostmusic had a good time too! In fact Tom wrote about us here. What did we look like? Well, something like this I reckon:
We got to Glasgow eventually, and we got into my flat as well! It was a good turnout at The Winchester Club and most of the people we had expected turned up. This is us below, hanging out at the Woody pre-gig. The crowd seemed happy and pleased during ours and Bob Skeleton's sets. They did their now notorious banjo instrumental and were great allround. The most enthusiastic one in the crowd when we played was John from Hermit Crabs, but I think he was a bit drunk!

The setlist was pretty much the same here as in London and looked something like this:

The Boy I Wish I Never Met
Book Cover
My Bunny's Back
One-Night Wonder
A Little Late to Be Polite
A Nice Walk In the Park
Then I Felt Your Cheek

Dream Lover

The last one is a Bobby Darin cover, but in London we did "Little Boys" by The Mekon instead. And they didn't get to hear "Then I Felt Your Cheek"! You Glaswegians are so lucky... Maybe we'll even be back sometime.


Tom said...

Yep I enjoyed myself. It was a nice little venue in London too. Still keeping my eye on Shelflife.

Marianthi said...

Brilliant brilliant gig! We enjoyed it so much - come back for more. :)

The Rain Fell Down said...

thanks! we'd love to - we all had such a great time. we're trying to get on indietracks at the moment.
good luck with atomic beat!