Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I was at National Pop League last week, I forgot to say. It was good and hotter than ever. John didn't play Horowitz though. To make up for it he's invited me to a Butcher Boy rehearsal on Thursday. Which is like... far out! Definitely a privilige, as they're one of the best Scottish bands in ages. But here's a song from Horowitz new single (a 3" cd like all Couldberry releases). Their claim to fame is that they have an ex-Rosehip in their line-up ...And they have written an indiepop anthem, that I played on the show a few weeks ago ...And they've also written this song about TC from Camera Obscura! Which is the band that Butcher Boy is the best Scottish band since, to tie it all together. I really look forward to seeing Horowitz live at Indietracks! This one is for John. And TC of course. And a golden star to the person who manages to make out the most Subway Organisation record sleeves in the picture!


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Marianthi said...

Horowitz rule!

You should come down to London for our Spiral Scratch all-dayer on 23rd June. They're playing there too! :)