Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What Was I Thinking?

I'm back from a brief visit to Sweden, where it was even warmer thanhere! All the hours sitting in the sunshine has left me feeling drousy for days. While in Malmö I managed to go to two clubs and one party, well done eh? On Friday night I went to first instalment of the Function soul weekender. It was at a place called Moriskan, where I'd never been before and which was really nice. They had two djs over from the UK and they both played some great nothern soul and some almost-as-great modern soul (you can see where my loyalites lie...). On Saturday it was the last ever You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, which has been the best (yes, you guessed it) indiepop club there for years. So a bit sad, but the two guys have new projects on the way. In fact Daniel is thinking about getting John Hunt over for a new summer club at KB!


alistair said...

Mwah! I wish i had been in Malmo. Pah. Will you be at the Orchids show on the 26th?

alistair said...

oh, and nice photo. the shadow lines on the ground are great!

The Rain Fell Down said...

it's from the botanic gardens in lund.

i'll most definitely be at the orchids gig! i want to book them to malmo for when i get back...