Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rings On Her Fingers

Now I'm sitting here in my garden, watching my ebay auctions (I won't tell you what they are in case you might bid against me). Only 31 minutes left. I've handed in my essay and done the presentation for my opera course group project, and I feel so relieved! I still have two exams in a month though, but that's Far Away.

Yeah, I went to see The Pastels last Friday and I finally have time to write something about it now. It was a part of the Triptych festival and they were not the only ones playing at the CCA - they were joined by Electrelane, Tenniscoats, The Royal We (who I really, really loved) and Pierre Bastien. It was great to finally see them, I know they don't play too often even in Glasgow. It was Stephen and Katrina, Norman and Gerard from Teenage Fanclub, two people from International Airport and the two from Tenniscoats. They played two sets! (As did Electrelane.) The first one was a bit quieter and included some stuff from their colloboration with Tenniscoats and the play Caesar staged last year. Both of them were great, but in the second one we got to hear some real classics. Like "Nothing to Be Done" and... for the encore... "If I Could Tell You"! How about that? It was a great day at the CCA, everyone was there including the local indie celebrities, it was really beautiful and everyone seemed so happy. It kind of encapsulated everything good about The Pastels, Geographic, Monorail etc.

The day before I'd been to NPL, and it was one of the best ones I've been too. It was Sarah's birthday as well and she was quite overwhelmed by her surprise party. I would like to have my birthday on an NPL night too, I think everyone should! They really should change the constitution... The last three songs were "What Difference Does It Make?", "Shady Lane" and "Roadrunner". But the best songs were probably Ian Matthews' "She May Call Up Tonight" and The June Brides' "No Place Called Home". I also discovered I need to listen more to Lloyd Cole & the Commotions. And not one but TWO Felt songs. And "Expectations"... but that was probably after Stuart left.

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brogues said...

Hey Kris!

The Sunday night Pastels gig in Edinburgh was similarly brilliant! Stephen had amp issues but was his usual charming self- deprecating self and smoothed over the delays. That night's 'Nothing To Be Done' was ASTOUNDING. The sound at The Bongo Club was more POP friendly than the CCA. They're still the best darned POP'n'roll band on the planet :)

smiles, brogues