Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Reserve is the first band to get a second DROP on The Rain Fell Down. This is an not an indication that I listen to a limited range of bands, but of the unbelievable greatness of Reserve. This beautiful song is from a demo tape that Ally gave me, called In Strangled Orchards, which I suppose must be from 1987. I don't think Torquil still has the same phone number that is written on the back! Most of the songs are intense and dripping with bile, which makes this song the soothing eye of the storm. This song has never been released. And it is such a shame.

The tide comes in through derelict streets and strangled orchards.

Reserve - Postcard From Paradise


Torquil MacLeod said...

Hi, it's Torquil (formerly of Reserve) here. Ally pointed me in your direction and I'd just like to say thank you very much for your kind words and enthusiasm. I'll see what dusty old things I can dredge out from the cupboard for your enjoyment (I hope).



The Rain Fell Down said...

that would be very kind of you!