Sunday, March 18, 2007


I recently bought The Brilliant Corners' second album What's In a Word from 1986. It's short - only eight songs - but that's alright because they're all great! The most well-known song from it is probably the single "Brian Rix", but I have to give you this hilarious acoustic number that rounds the album off and which is not very representative. The lyrics to many of the songs are first class: "Laugh I Could Have Cried" is about a pretend Marxist who makes him 'desperately entranced but then she opens her mouth and pulls out a tract', and you can hear the lyrics to "Boy and the Cloud" yourself - or read it above.



Megane said...


Your blog Is best!
I love C86


Nils-Martin said...

quite the party song!


The Rain Fell Down said...

depends on what kind of parties you go to, i guess... :)

Nils-Martin said...

I only go to good ones! Well, at least that's the ambition!

Anonymous said...