Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tortoise, Tortoise, Get Bigger, Get Bigger!

Esiotrot are a Magic Band. Come on, they can't be for real! If the sound that playing children make had been music, this is what it would sound like. Listening to Esiotrot is like being let in on a secret. At first the music is mesmerizing. Then you go: that funny sound... that is a guitar? You'd never know. Oh, so that's were the furry bunny in the top hat came from! But the saw... it really has an edge to it, and now there're body parts all over the floor! And bleach on your fingers when you tried to remove the stains.

I admit I'm a bit late catching on to the Esiotrot Hype, but now I've finally bought their album Schmesiotrot thanks to Mr. Fitchett and Mr. Brogan. They're like Pants Yell! with four more members, including a mini horn section. You know how sometimes it seems like The Boy Least Likely To wish they were the cute little creatures on their record sleeve? Well, they're Esiotrot so tough luck! You should let your record shopping be dictated by Those Who Know Better too! (Hint.) And that goes in particular for records with interchangeable sleeves! I wish I'd thought of that. I wish I'd thought of Esiotrot. (Can't read backwards? Common adult symptom. Try this knil.)

Let's fight fires instead of making firewalls.

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brogues said...

Lovely post! I wish I'd written it :)