Monday, March 12, 2007


Have you had your daily dose of fuzztone and backwards guitar drone? Not yet? Well here you go! We've got an impressive playlist today, as you can see below. With 60's garage, psych, freakbeat, 80's garage revival and generally paisley-esque indiepop. It includes an exclusive preview of an ace song from The Branded, and you should check out the three other ones on MySpace. There was a bit of a technical hitch during the Delmontes number, but the song is repeated in full at the end of the programme. The problem with the start and stop times is still not solved so you'll have to skip to the end of Diversion for the first song. Maybe I should just do a shorter set, starting later? And don't ask me about the title of the programme... But checkered paint WOULD make for easier production of chess boards!

Episode 4 – Strike Up Matches
The Miracle Workers – You'll Know Why
The Delmontes – So It's Not to Be
Sherlie Matthews – My Sugar Baby
The Bangs – Getting Out of Hand

Death By Chocolate – John Steed Swordstick
The Brogues – I Ain't No Miracle Worker
The Chocolate Watchband – Misty Lane
The Creation – Biff! Bang! Pow!
The Green Telescope – Thinkin' About Today
Biff Bang Pow! – Fifty Years of Fun

The Creeps – City of People
Crimson Shadows – Even I Tell Lies
The Urges – It Ain't Right
The Sorrows – Let Me In
Freddie Chavez – They'll Never Know Why
The Chemistry Set – It's All Right
The Cherry Stones - Go Away
The Branded – She's My Woman
Edward Hamilton – I'm Gonna Leave You

Chequered Paint, Paisley Canvas

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carlos said...

great songs, nice picture!