Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Even More Brilliant Corners

I recently made a life-changing discovery. Remember how I said before that I've always wondered why The Brilliant Corners sound so different on the BBC Sessions lp that I've got? Better, I've always thought though. I suddenly came up with the idea to slow the songs down, after having messed around with Tullycraft's "Twee" (you should try listening to it speeded up - it's the funniest thing ever!). I soon found out that the BBC Sessions lp is pressed at a speed that is approximately 15% too fast, with the result that everything is one tone step higher. This is not so on the cd version, I've checked, but I have yet to found out if all the vinyl copies are defective or if it's just mine! It'll be interesting to hear from other people who own the record... So now I've fixed all the songs, but they sounded better before - mainly because they were faster, and also the vocals sounded more twee. So then I made a third version of the record, which is transposed down to the right pitch but retains the same high speed. I've put up these three versions of one and the same song from the lp - "Trust Me". Which do you think sounds best? Please listen to them in the the order they are in, especially if you haven't heard The Brilliant Corners before! I wonder if the band are aware of this, or if even Vinyl Japan are. And the songs are here by the way.


shannon said...

What did "Twee" sound like speeded up?

The Rain Fell Down said...

like an indie version of the swedish phenomenon "smurfhits".

according to wikipedia, the cartoon this originated from was also shown on NBC in the us as "Smurfs" in the 80s.