Monday, March 05, 2007


And we're back from a short break! This time with a programme about the esteemed Sombrero Recordings. The cover pic is adapted from a an old gig poster. The club was called Cool Trout Basement! as you can see, and that is also the name of today's programme. The label could boast such legends as Reserve, Bob and The Siddeleys and was run by Ally who also did the amazing Trout Fishing In Leytonstone fanzine. She is also here on Blogger these days, click on Dustysevens in the links to the right to have a look. I haven't listened to it yet so I don't know if the timing is still an issue, but if so the beginning will have ended up in the Diversion file (which is another good programme btw!). Here's today's playlist:

The Siddeleys - I Wish I Was Good
Reserve - The Sun Slid Down Behind the Tower (flexi version)
North of Cornwallis - One 2nd Class Return
James Dean Driving Experience - Sean Connery
Bob - It Was Kevin (session)
The Man From Delmonte - The Good Things In Life
Dynamics - Love to a Guy
The Mascots - A Sad Boy
The Dovers - What Am I Going to Do
The Dentists - Now You're Gone
The Passmore Sisters - All I Need Is Change
The Melons - Eskimo
The Chefs - Boasting
The Would-Be's - I'm Hardly Ever Wrong
Trixie's Big Red Motorbike - Fairytales
Bulldozer Crash - Sarah Said
Friends - Primrose Hill
Mighty Mighty - Yours Truly
Rodney Allen - Victoria's Valleys (live)

Cool Trout Basement!


ally. said...

thanks for the kind words and support - lovely to hear the fabulous lester noel too x

Carlos said...

wondeful set! do you know how many songs recorded North of Cornwallis? I'd like to listen all of them...

The Rain Fell Down said...

gee, thanks!
i've only got "billy liar" and the one i played. i think there's one called "falling over december" as well. don't know if there's more... lester noel was also in grab grab the haddock (and beats international). maybe ally knows?

ally. said...

i've got a tape somewhere but i think it's only those three songs. i'll ask him next time i see him.
i'll add it to the pile that should be heading your way soon.

carlos said...

thanks ally, i think "2nd class return" was in the hoopla comp tape, and "billy liar" is in a leamington spa volume.
but i've never heard 'falling over december', and i'd really love to!

Boy meets world said...

Actually there were far more songs by North of Cornwallis: Without an umbrella, Cross my heart, See her now, Temperamental, Lies people tell, Buy you the world, Think before you speak and a cover version of Daydream believer are just the ones I remember best.
Ally, please let Lester know, that the people are still waiting for the songs to be released.

Anonymous said...

has anyone got the peel sessions by Trixie's BRM or indeed anything by them I can get hold of?

The Boy and the Cloud said...

hey there!
you can get the peel session (in ogg format) here:

and look out on for their forthcoming reissue of the lp. now on cd, with bonus tracks! (the session tracks maybe?)



Grimnir said...

Please can u repost these - link seems down?

nigocrates said...

If you're not already aware, holiday records is giving their album a proper release, remixed and remastered by Lester, in the spring.