Monday, March 19, 2007


This is a photograph of one of the heat reflectors in Kibble Palace, Botanic Gardens, Glasgow - and nothing else. This programme was meant to be a bit electronic with a cold and crisp soundscape and was named after a Wild Swans song. Which doesn't really fit... because the Swans' sound was quite warm, and so are the tracks from Souvenir and Gwenno. But I hope you'll like it anyway. And just when I thought I'd shorten the show and start later, it seems that they've fixed the problem so there was no point starting five past! Well, all you missed was an Air France song called "Never Content". At least you'll get the to hear the intro theme now.

The Bridal Shop - Spectrum of Clarity
Trembling Blue Stars - Until the Dream Gets Broken
Sovenir - Allô , allô
They Go Boom!! - I Wish You Were Someone Else
The Wild Swans - No Bleeding
The Wake - Torn Curtain
The Snowdrops - Mad World
ático - Garden Greene
Hal - Election Day
The Magnetic Fields - In My Secret Place
Gwenno - Lime Chordial
Section 25 - Looking From a Hilltop

Now You're Perfect


ally. said...

funnily enough i was playing 'looking from a hilltop' today. section 25 were always hilariously bad live it still makes me shudder at the thought. but i did like their disco numbers. this and the marcel king single are were factory ended for me...

tec-goblin said...

It was the first time I listened to your show. Nice atmosphere, I like the fact that you have a concept for each show. And I loved the french song ;).

tec-goblin (It is not sound)