Monday, March 26, 2007


Here's a new radio programme! This time with a Hey Paulette-derived title. More indiepop today, with the odd psych track as well. Seemingly without reason, the 'listen again' thing has now gone back to starting too late, which is very upsetting because I'm so excited about that Liechtenstein b-side that's supposed to be first. What I'll do is I'll upload the song and put the link and what I was saying about it in the comments as soon as I can!

Liechtenstein – Cravings
Dolly Mixture – Side Street Walker
The Fizzbombs – Surfaround
The Standells – Did You Ever Have That Feeling
Phyllis Brown – I’ve Got Something On My Mind
Butcher Boy – I Could Be In Love With Anyone
Apple Orchard – Closer
Orange Juice – You Old Eccentric
The Suede Crocodiles – Happiness Sound
The Brilliant Corners – A Very Easy Death
Emily – The Old Stone Bridge
Celestial – Dream On
The Dufflecoats – Motorbikesong
Denver – World of Pages
14 Iced Bears – Dust Remains
The Cudgels – Watermeadow Dream
The Seeds – Chocolate River
The Hepburns – I Am a Machine

Her Cluelessness Is Absolute


carlos said...

good show! and thanks for playing the hepburns, chris!

The Rain Fell Down said...

thanks for making a request! the liechtenstein track is here. and here is what i said about it:

"Their song "Stalking Skills" has steadily gathered them a growing audience on MySpace over the past year, and its long awaited release has now finally happened. It became a natural a-side for their debut single now available from pop mailorders worldwide. Here is one of the two b-sides, "Cravings". Liechentstein consists of three women from Gothenburg and their Stalking Skills EP was just released by Fraction Discs, also based in Gothenburg. Clearly inspired by older all-female groups and you can hear echoes of the likes of The Slits, Mo-Dettes and Dolly Mixture."